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AMFEPRAMON RETARD 75mg / substitute for tenuate retard

It is the strongest slimming agent in the fight against obesity. It works much stronger and better than the Czech Adipex Retard, it contains a triple dose of the active substance Amphedrone, i.e. 75 mg.  Amfepramon Retard are tablets in a prolonged-release bottle, a package of 60 tablets, a two-month slimming treatment.

60 pieces PLN 380


MERIDIA 15 FORTE / blisters 

The effectiveness of Meridia is based on providing the body with a feeling of satiety without eating food.  People using Meridia recorded weight loss of up to 20 kg within a month

manufacturer: Abbott Laboratories

active substance: sibutramine

30 pieces PLN 170

90 pieces PLN 390


ADIPEX 75 LONG / blisters

Adipex LONG 75mg suppresses the feeling of hunger and thus makes it easier to limit eating, and thus eliminates increased fat deposition.

Thanks to the slow release of the active substance, prolonged appetite suppression lasting at least 10 hours is achieved.

manufacturer: Abbott Laboratories

active substance: phentermine

30 pieces PLN 190

90 pieces PLN 410




It is available in the form of tablets with the strongest dose of the active substance containing 75 mg, which is gradually released into the body.  The drug works by inhibiting excessive appetite, causing a continuous effect that suppresses the feeling of hunger, double potency guarantees amazing weight loss effects.

manufacturer: Abbott Laboratories USA
active substance: phentermine
30 pcs PLN 160

90 pieces PLN 250


PHENTERMINE 37.5mg/ substitute for Adipex Retard

It suppresses appetite as much as possible, accelerates metabolism and increases energy levels.

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